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This is Grow Design Leadership

Through a 40-week course, we offer a deep insight into the subject of design leadership, aimed at you who want to work more professionally with design, at the intersection of business development and creative design processes. Our next program is suitable for senior designers, creative management and strategic advisors in the design industry or senior designers, R&D, product category and innovation managers in private companies or public organizations. 

The program is developed by German PARK – a world leading consultancy in the area of design management and design leadership.” and is hosted in Norway in collaboration with DOGA. 

Through the program, you will better understand how you, your agency / company / organization, can better manage your design processes across the design disciplines, and how to increase your value by working with design leadership in a more professional manner. You will learn from leading experts, through the experiences of your peers, discussions and assignments. You will grow in a professional way and increase your network.

GROW will give you increased skills and better methods that will help you directly in your own job. The program will consist of participants with senior experience from all disciplines of design, R & D and innovation management in the design industry / business / public sector. The program lasts about 40 weeks with five 2-day study meetings at DOGA in addition to a 'get-to-know' day. You will be working on group or personal assignments and receive online coaching. There will be minimum eight and maximum fourteen participants per program.

GROW Design Leadership 2019 in Oslo will be tutored by Frans Joziasse, General Director & Founding Partner in PARK.

The program will be in English and the participants can be a mix of participants from Norway and other countries in Europe. Everyone completing GROW will be part of the GROW Alumni with opportunities for custom made coaching and supplementary courses.

Read more about GROW Design Leadership.

Study dates:

Intro: 12. March 2019

Study meetings:  

  • 12.- 13. March 2019
  • 7. – 8. May2019
  • 2. – 3. July 2019
  • 3 –  4 september 2019 
  • 12. – 13. November 2019

The study meetings will be at DOGA in Oslo and last from 09.00 - 17.00.
In between the study meetings you will be given assignments related to the various modules in the program. The program requires an average of 4 hours work per week. 


Contact Jannicke Hølen, Senior Adviser at DOGA.

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