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Adding Inclusive Design to your design proccess

This section looks at how you can bring an Inclusive Design approach into your existing design or development process. It outlines eight activities that can be incorporated to help you in achieving this. Significant reasons are presented for conducting research with people and the concept of the ‘lead user’ is described.

This diagram shows a typical development process. At each stage there are a number of  Inclusive Design activities that can be added to create a more people-centred approach. Adapt them to suit your purpose. Each activity is described in detail on the following pages.

Here is a diagram showing the Inclusive design process. Explore, Focus, Develop, Deliver. Including activity 1 understand context, activity2 design research, activity 3 discover needs, activity 4 map insights, activity 5 translate briefs, activity 6 scenario building, activity 7 user feedback, activity 8 resource building.