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How including is your organisation?

What should your organization focus on to effectively improve its inclusive design practices? The inclusive design assessment allows you to gain insight into how your organization scores along the elements of the inclusive design framework. Scroll down to do the assessment!

A score projection on the inclusive design framework

The inclusive design assessment is a survey based on the inclusive design framework that allows organizations to evaluate themselves on the elements of the four dimensions in the framework. It is available as an online assessment and as a workshop sheet. The result of the assessment gives insight into how the organization is currently performing and support decisions making to identify focus points to improve inclusive design practices.

The assessment consists of four parts that cover the four dimensions of the inclusive design framework. Each part consists of three to seven elements that are presented in the form of a statement and can be rated on a 5-point scale. The statements cover the elements in which the four dimensions are divided and will be accompanied with additional information to help the user evaluate.

The outcomes of the assessment can form the start of a process of implementing change through the inclusive design change guide.

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