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Is your company or organisation operating in a market undergoing change? This is your guide to gain competitive edge and win new markets by getting closer to your customers.


Turn the challenges connected to the rapidly changing contexts of demographics and social sustainability into new opportunities to innovate, make a profit and increase market shares.

Inclusive Design is written into legislation. Products and services will now have to meet these new criteria’s. This book shows how you can turn these challenges into opportunities for profitable innovation.

Adopt an Inclusive Design strategy and you will come closer to your customers by understanding their needs. Inclusive Design is also used here to describe Universal Design and Design for All.

The content is compiled by individuals who have had extensive, practical experience in working with Inclusive Design in a business context. The book share insights and learnings presented in an ‘easy-to-read’ format with rich illustrations. Case studies and examples explain how other companies have benefited from a people-centred innovation approach as part of the development process.

The book Innovating with People also presents various methods and tools for insight and observations that are important in inclusive design and innovation processes.

This pdf version is based on the book Innovating with People, published in 2018. All content is available for assistive devices. The illustrations have some contrast errors.

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