Kunsthåndverker Pearla Pigao arbeider med tekstiler i sitt studio.

After three years of success in Milan, Norwegian designers, craft artists and manufacturers unite under a new, common concept, directed by DOGA, Klubben and Norwegian Crafts.

Norwegian Presence: The making of modern Norway

Fotgjengere går over en åpen plass. Lyskryss med grønne lys, en rød buss i bakgrunnen.

Hear political views on urban development, planning and architecture. The debate was arranged by the magazine KOTE and took place at DOGA on 30 August.

Podcast: KOTE, politics and urban development

It’s an election year, Norway is undergoing extensive restructuring and many are concerned about the future. Digitisation and new technology are the buzzwords of the election and are used as both scare tactics and to create a sense of hope for the future. But just how much will they affect our lives or urban development in the year 2040?

Tinder & the City

Norway can take the lead and serve as a breeding ground for the global, digital services of the future that are adapted to individuals and their needs. But are politicians, bureaucrats and business community leaders sufficiently aware of how important the design disciplines are in developing good solutions for such a diversity of users?


A well designed future

Adrian Paulsen fra Halogen skisserer på en illustrasjonstegning som henger på veggen.

What happens when four directorates are responsible for providing a single service? In the public sector, service design is all about untangling complexities in order to trigger innovation.


Service design is all about untangling complexities

Kollasj av Fredrik Matheson og Einar Sneve Martinussen

Is it possible that the digital transformation is not really about technology? So what then is it about? And how can we succeed in Norway? Listen to DOGA’s podcast on Norske Byggeklosser 2017 (Norwegian Building Blocks), with Fredrik Matheson and Einar Sneve Martinussen, Norway’s leading experts in interaction design.

DOGA Podcast: Norwegian building blocks

Dataillustrasjon av det urbane grendehuset

DOGA asked students of The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) what they believe people will need in the smart cities of tomorrow. Their response may come as a surprise to some: What we need is a small wooden cabin.

The urban community centre

Brosjyre som ligger på bord. Innspill fra Næringspolitisk råd for kulturell og kreativ næring.

New design enrolment options, innovation team in the public sector, programme for young architects and a fund for testing sustainable architectural solutions. The fields of design and architecture were strongly represented when the ten final recommendations were submitted to the government by the Industrial Policy Council on 19 June.


Focus on design and architecture in Næringspolitisk Råd (Industrial Policy Council)

DOGA logo på en tavle

Creuna’s efforts for DOGA were awarded with gold for Best Visual Identity at Visuelt 2017. DOGA has taken on the task of facilitating learning and experimentation in design and architecture. With a new brand platform and visual identity, Creuna has helped its client garner attention for the industry, not itself.

Creuna and DOGA win the gold at Visuelt 2017

This article was first published in Klassekampen on 1 June 2017: Urban employees more productive than rural ones. How will the end of the oil era affect urban and rural politics? National politicians, architects and city planners need to take action.

Rural districts can learn from the cities