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The Award for Design Excellence was created in the 1960s and has been an important tool for recognising companies that have used design strategically in their business development. The award is now being relaunched with a whole new look and content, with the most important change being that the field of architecture is included. 


Apply for the DOGA Award for Design and Architecture  here.
Apply for the DOGA Award for Newcomers here.

Honouring collaboration

The DOGA Award for Design and Architecture is unique in that it honours collaboration between organisations. The projects demonstrate the successful use of design and architecture in creating innovative solutions of social, environmental and/or economic value.

The DOGA Award for Design and Architecture aims to highlight exemplary projects and spotlight Norwegian expertise, solutions and services for a national and international audience. The jury will focus on the process and collaboration between the commissioning party and practitioner. 

DOGA Award for Newcomers

DOGA wants to promote the promising designers and architects of tomorrow. Students and newly established professionals make an important contribution to creating the best solutions for the future, which is why they are warmly invited to participate in a separate competition called the DOGA Award for Newcomers. This competition was previously called Young Talents. 

The DOGA Award for Newcomers selects winners to be honoured together with the recipients of the DOGA Award for Design and Architecture. A joint arena is created for contact that encourages collaboration between new practitioners and those already established in the industry. 

Application deadline of 5 September

The goal of the DOGA Award for Design and Architecture is to highlight how design and architecture expertise can contribute to the development of good cities and villages, buildings, products, processes and services.   

“We hope this award will clearly show what design and architecture contributes to the process of restructuring and innovation in Norway,” explains Thea Mehl. She has been in charge of further developing the Award for Design Excellence into what is now being launched as the DOGA Award for Design and Architecture. 

All Norwegian organisations, both public and private, that have used architectural and/or design expertise in a project can apply for the award. The application deadline is 5 September.

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