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DOGA Award for Design and Architecture


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General information on DOGA Award allocation 

In allocating the DOGA Award, the jury looks for projects that demonstrate how design and architecture have contributed to innovative results. The project must incorporate a number of professional qualities like form and function. The jury also assesses the value of the project result for society, the environment and/or the economy.

Among recipients of the DOGA Award, the jury selects those projects with an especially significant social, environmental and economic effect for the DOGA Honorary Award.

Allocation criteria

The jury assesses project in which design and/or architecture is the driving force behind innovative results. This decision is based on six allocation criteria. 

It is not necessary for a project to satisfy all criteria in order to receive the DOGA Award for Design and Architecture or DOGA Award for Newcomers.

  • Innovation: The project must have a distinctive feature that distinguishes it from current solutions and adds something new.
  • Form: The project must have aesthetic qualities associated with the use of visual means, materials, techniques and choice of expression.
  • Function: The project must meet functional requirements and focus on user needs. The materials, construction and design must be adapted to maintenance and use.
  • Social value: The project must provide value in the form of improved quality of life, such as through a building, environment, product or service. The project must facilitate ethical production and a fair distribution of resources.
  • Environmental value: The project must consider the long-term effects on the environment and climate and the use of natural resources.
  • Economic value: The project must be profitable and ensure the organisation’s framework conditions in the long term.

Applicants for the DOGA Award for Newcomers are assessed according to the same criteria, but the jury is less stringent about the degree to which they are satisfied as it is with the DOGA Award for Design and Architecture.