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Design and Architecture Norway

DOGA Award for Design and Architecture

What is the jury looking for?

When judging the DOGA Award, the jury looks for projects that demonstrate how design and architecture have contributed to innovative results. The project must incorporate a number of professional qualities such as form and function. The jury also assesses how the project adds (or might add) value to society, the environment and/or the economy.

Among the recipients of the DOGA Award, the jury identifies projects with an especially significant value to society, the environment and the economy, and nominates those to receive our highest hanging award: the DOGA Honorary Award. 

Judging criteria

The jury assesses project in which design and/or architecture is the driving force behind innovative results. This decision is based on six criteria:

Applicants for the DOGA Award for Newcomers are assessed by the same criteria, but the jury is less stringent about the degree to which they are satisfied. The jury will also focus on the potential effects of a project, since projects don't have to be set to life in order to receive the award.