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Design and Architecture Norway

DOGA Award for Design and Architecture

The DOGA Award for Design and Architecture is a distinction awarded by DOGA to Norwegian organisations, designers and architects who demonstrate outstanding use of design and/or architecture. The award showcases and spotlights exemplary projects.


The jury evaluates the quality of the projects' design / architecture, and its long and/or short term value for people, profit and the planet.

Please note that projects that apply in the newcomer category do not need to be realised. Projects in this category will be evaluated by its potential value, if they were to be realised.

Design criteria

  • Aesthetics
    How is the project experienced? The jury will be looking at the project's formal and aesthetic qualities associated with e.g. sense of space, harmony, use of materielas, detailing etc.
  • Function / context
    Does the project meet the need it was designed for? The jury will be looking for solutions that are functional, human-centered, and appropriate for the context in question.
  • Innovation
    Does the project add something new? The jury will be looking for new approaches and characteristics that distinguishes the project from existing solutions.

Value criteria

  • Social value
    Does the project have positive effects on society? The jury will be looking for solutions that are inclusive and contribute to improved quality of life.
  • Environmental value
    How does the project affect the environment? The jury will be looking for solutions that are responsibly produced, demonstrate clever use of resources and that do not harm the environment.
  • Economic value
    Is the project profitable? The jury will be looking for projects that contribute to economic value creation through eg. new business models and markets, circularity, savings, increased exports, etc.

Who is in the jury?

The DOGA Award jury consists of:

  • Leading professionals representing a wide range of design and architectural disciplines, with overall broad experience from public and private companies
  • Business and public sector representatives
  • Experts on social, environmental and economic sustainability

The jury members are selected on the basis of input from the design and architecture professional organizations and other relevant organisations. Jury members are recruited from across the country and will represent the breadth of the design and architecture field.

A member of the jury can be on for up to three years, plus two years as a jury head.

Impartiality rules

Jury members who do not qualify for the evaluation due to impartiality issues are replaced by a substitute.

Jury members are considered ineligible if they have:

  • participated in the project.
  • worked on related projects.
  • participated in the project in some way.
  • been a commissioning party of the project.
  • been a supplier of the project and/or
  • are closely related to or part of the organisation or company. 


There is a submission fee of 2.500 NOK ex vat per entry. Entering the DOGA Awards for newcomers is free of charge. 

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