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Design for All

Primary objective

The main goal of the programme is to contribute to a more inclusive society in which products, services and public spaces are designed with a focus on human diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity for all. The programme aims to promote innovation in Norwegian companies and reveal the need for and potential of product solutions developed based on the principle of universal design.

An important goal is to help Norwegian industry and the business community use design is an innovation-triggering tool based on a user-driven approach.

Main activities

Knowledge sharing, expertise transfer and increased visibility of Design for All as a strategy for user-driven innovation, aimed at industry and the business community, designers, product developers, educational institutions and public premise-setters and decision-makers (various channels and tools). 

A few of the programme’s most important activities:

Innovation Award for Universal Design

Awarded for the third time on 17 October 2017 to honour businesses, designers and architects who have innovatively developed products, services and public spaces that contribute to creating a more inclusive society. Read more and watch a video of past winners. 

European Innovation Workshops in Inclusive Design 2018

The international conference and workshop will be held for the sixth time in Oslo on 7 and 8 June. this year themes includes inclusive architecture, liveable, people-friendly cities, driverless futures, tourism for all, artificial intelligence and robotics, technology and service design, inclusive, start-ups and entrepreneurship. Read more and watch a video of past conferences. 

Universal design has become a requirement in various laws and regulations and products and services will have to satisfy these criteria from now on. This book shows how these challenges can be turned into new opportunities for innovation. Read more and buy the book.

The programme also aims to contribute new product concepts with a competitive advantage that Norwegian industry and the business community can develop further for an increasingly buyer’s market (due in part to population ageing). This can result in, among other things, more export opportunities.

Here you can find an online guide with practical information on how designers and companies can easily incorporate Design for All:




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