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Design and Architecture Norway

About us

DOGA is part of the public policy implementation system for increased innovation. This means that we work towards achieving innovation and value creation in Norwegian business and the public sector. Our goal is for Norway to use design and architecture competencies to create economic, social and environmental values and to equip the business community and public sector for restructuring.

The strength of the design and architecture field is its people-centred and holistic approach to solving problems. Designers and architects have competencies that are essential to our ability to solve the increasingly complex challenges we face. Regardless of the branch or sector, design and architecture can trigger untapped potential for innovation and value creation.

In 2013, the government agreed to merge the Norsk Designråd (Norwegian Design Council) and Norsk Form (Foundation for Design and Architecture in Norway). The result was the establishment of Norsk design og arkitektursenter (Norwegian Design and Architecture Centre) in 2014. In 2017, the organisation changed its name to Design og arkitektur Norge (Design and Architecture Norway) and continued under the abbreviation of DOGA.

We have launched various projects to strengthen the field of design and architecture and connect these disciplines with other types of activities. See an overview of our projects, programmes and activities.

DOGA’S goals

Our three main goals:

  1. Design and architecture will play a clear role in the development of Norwegian business and the public sector.
  2. Design and architecture will further develop the framework conditions for societal development.
  3. The field of design and architecture will be equipped to meet the challenges that tomorrow brings.

Unite, experiment, learn

We will unite our disciplines and link them to the public and private sectors. We involve and mobilise participants in order to strengthen and further develop the field of design and architecture.

We will experiment by serving as an arena for development, new thinking and the testing of new solutions - and will challenge and generate debate.

We will learn and contribute to raising the competence of the field and in other branches and sectors. DOGA will increase knowledge about and the use of design and architecture as a tool for restructuring and value creation. We will gain and offer knowledge and advice to decision-makers.

Management and Board

Tor Inge Hjemdal is the CEO of DOGA. 

List of other employees

DOGA's Board comprises: 

  • Toril Bariusdotter Ressem, Chair
  • Beate Bomann-Larsen, Board member
  • Kamilla Sharma, Board member
  • Gisle Løkken, Board member
  • Øyvind Tørlen, Board member
  • Ingerid Helsing Almaas, Employee representative

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