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On 5 January 2017, the Norwegian technology company Airthings introduced its new smart radon gas meter called Airthings Wave. The solution was designed by EGGS Design.


EGGS Design: Airthings Wave radon meter

New is part of a large-scale brand project being carried out for Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA). Creuna and DOGA jointly developed the new user-driven The goal was to create a website that is easy to navigate, visually appealing and that clearly shows all that the fields of design and architecture have to offer.



Forskjellige design- og arkitekturobjekter i den store utstillingshallen på DOGA.

Together with Innovation Norway and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DOGA has prepared a report that investigates how other countries perceive Norway and Norwegian business and industry. The results show that DOGA’s efforts to strengthen the fields of design and architecture in Norway and internationally are both appropriate and effective.


Significant potential for Norwegian design and architecture

Designer viser fram lampe til besøkende på utstilling

Norwegian designers, manufacturers, organisations and educational institutions have joined forces to promote Norwegian furniture and interior design, both nationally and internationally. The Samarbeidsrådet for møbel og interiør (SMI) launched five reasons to pursue this – and five concrete ways to achieve it.


Norwegian design is a sorely needed growth industry

The Municipalities of Lærdal, Tromsø and Haugesund have received KORO funding to carry out art projects in 2017. These projects aim to help create a more vibrant city centre.


Art to create a more vibrant city centre

Workshop, leende deltagere rundt et bord

The Sparkling Spaces knowledge report was presented at DOGA on 20 April. This marked the launch of the project of the same name. Your municipality can now be part of the project.


Sparkling Spaces – We’re well on our way!