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Design and Architecture Norway

Together with Kantar TNS, Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA) has examined how the Norwegian business community uses design services and the values that design can create. The study is based on a comparable survey conducted in Denmark in 2016 by the Danish Design Center.

Download a summary of DOGA’s report here (in Norwegian only).

Design pays off

The Norwegian study shows that business leaders in our country believe that design pays off. An entire 67 percent claim that design will help increase their operating income over the next five years, while half say that there is a link between the use of design and profitability.

The top executives recognise the value of design in a number of areas:

  • 85 percent believe that design contributes to increased customer satisfaction
  • 86 percent believe that design strengthens the brand
  • 72 percent believe that design helps sell more products and services

 The Danish study had similar results.   

Correlation between design and profit

Hva kjennetegner bedriftene som lykkes med design?

Think about the next 5 years: To what extent does design contribute to profit?

Companies that invest most in design work systematically to achieve a total experience that penetrates the entire organisation and use creative methods like idea and concept development, visual scenarios, customer journeys, persons and prototypes in both development and strategic efforts. 

Design gives value

The companies report that the use of design can create a variety of values. When asked to rate a number of statements from 1 to 5, in which 1 represents ‘no value’ and 5 ‘maximum value’, the companies reported that design helps strengthen the brand and competitive differentiation.

How much value does design use provide for your company?

When does design result in the best effect?

Where is design decisions made in your organization?  

About the study

Goal: To assess the use of design in the Norwegian business community and study the link between a company’s design efforts and profitability. A similar survey was conducted in Denmark by the Danish Design Center.
Who: 332 interviews at Norwegian companies with more than ten employees (88 percent of the interviews were with the managing director). Profitability is a goal in the private sector, which is why companies in the public sector and non-profits were not included in this study.
Method: Phone survey involving a selection of Norwegian companies. Business information was obtained from Bisnode’s business database.
When: September 2017