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Innovation Award

All proposals submitted that meet the criteria for the Innovation Award for Universal Design are evaluated by a jury. The jury selects a winner in each category and one main winner among all category winners.


  • Anyone can nominate candidates for the award by filling out the online form. The deadline for nominating candidates was 12 May. 
  • The project management team at Design and Architecture Norway has established both qualification and assessment criteria together with experts. 

The jury

The jury, jury foreman and substitute members are experts in their fields, with solid competence and experience in the various categories. The jury assesses and selects the winners of the Innovation Award for Universal Design within eight categories.

Jurying process

The assessment takes place in two stages in which the jury evaluates all proposals submitted that meet the requirements for the award, after which it selects a winner for each category. Finally, the jury selects one winner for the award.

If necessary, the jury will visit the project location, especially for the categories of architecture, landscape architecture and transport, although it may also inspect the site for service design proposals.

The jury determines whether the requirements are met for innovation and universal design as follows:

Equal assessment of universal design and innovation at the jury’s discretion
The requirements for universal design and innovation are evaluated equally. The jury also uses its expertise to assess all candidates based on an overall quality perspective. 

Overall solutions, not special solutions for individual groups
This definition of universal design is used for the assessment. The formulation specifies that the project result must be able to be used by everyone. Solutions or projects aimed at specific groups intended, for example, as special aids or support, are not eligible for this award.


The category winners are announced during a separate award ceremony at DOGA.

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