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PROJECT NAME: Vestre Folk+Form


PROJECT COMPLETED BY: Snøhetta Brand Design

Disciplines: Visual communication, interior architecture


An extremely vital seventy-year-old

The family business and urban furniture manufacturer Vestre wanted to mark its first 70 years with a two-volume book telling the story of a Norwegian business adventure based on good craftsmanship and good design. The book was launched on 24 August with a seminar, exhibition opening, anniversary film showing, and – naturally – a big party in the evening.



Panel remarks

It's a great thing to see when somebody ventures to go all out; when they dare to be uncompromising and true to themselves. The anniversary exhibition and book from Vestre is one such project. In this case they go all in, looking straight ahead and neither to the left nor right. The result is an exhibition and book that score top marks for innovation, form, and implementation and which admirably manage to communicate the symbiosis between good design and good craftsmanship that has made Vestre into what it is today: clearly a vital seventy-year-old with possibly its best years still ahead.

Project participants

Jan Christian Vestre – Vestre AS, managing director / client
Kjetil Thorsen – Snøhetta, founder and partner
Henrik Haugan – Snøhetta, senior designer
Sofie Platou – Snøhetta, designer
Peter Girgis – Snøhetta, interior architect
Margit Tiedemann Ruud – Snøhetta, architect
Pia Falk Lind – Snøhetta, senior project manager
Håkon Harket – Forlaget Press, managing director / publisher
Thor Arvid Dyrerud – Forlaget Press, editor
Renate Nedregård – author of Vestre Folk+Form
Bonsak Schieldrop – Racecar, director
Terese Aalborg – Heisholt Inc, co-director, script, and conceptual assistance
Erik Heisholt – Heisholt Inc, script and conceptual assistance
Peter Watz – Kroloftet, production of exhibition elements
Vidar Eriksen – Konsis Grafisk, printing of exhibition elements
Thomas Ek – Göteborgstryckeriet, in charge of book printing
Joakim Salberg – Nine Yards, event project manager
Marcus Håkonsen – Nine Yards, managing director / event

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