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NAME OF CLIENT: Sentralen Oslo AS

PROJECT COMPLETED BY: Metric Design AS, Atelier Oslo AS, and KIMA Arkitektur AS

Disciplines: Visual communication, architecture

Photo:Lars Petter Pettersen/ Thomas Ekström

Culture is central

Sentralen is a gathering place, performance venue, and workshop for cultural production and social entrepreneurship, with six production rooms and fourteen meeting rooms. Nearly 400 people across 150 organisations hang out at Sentralen, which opened its doors in the spring of 2016. The building in which Sentralen is located has high preservation value, which has led to the city’s cultural heritage office becoming very involved – in a positive and encouraging manner – in the whole building process.

Photo:Thomas Ekström
Design Sentralen
Photo:Thomas Ekström
Photo: Thomas Ekström

Panel remarks

Sentralen is a very exciting project, partly because of its grand ambitions and partly because of the importance of having a broad cultural institution in Oslo’s Kvadraturen district, which has perhaps been a little unfairly treated at times. We believe the project’s wholeness, as well as its entire path to completion, stands out as exemplary and we are impressed with how the architecture, interior, plan, and graphical profile came together into a larger whole. Given the building's preservation value, it was a challenge for the team to create a profile that was consistent in terms of materials used and graphical style, and which took into account the building’s historical heritage and was unmistakable at the same time. They have accomplished this very well and it is great to see how the building and graphical profile play together and reinforce one another.

Project participants

Martin Revheim – Sentralen, client/house manager
Alf Magnus Reistad – Sentralen, operation and finance
Per Mejlænder Brynning – Sentralen, producer
Therese Smerud – Sentralen, producer
Christian Schnitler – Metric Design, designer
Eirik Seu Stokkmo – Metric Design, designer
Are Kleivan – Metric Design, designer
Erling Norderud Hansen – Metric Design, designer
Carmita Carlsson – Metric Design, project manager
Ellmer Stefan – Metric Design, typography
Jonas Norsted – Atelier Oslo, architect, project manager
Martin Dietrichson – KIMA Arkitektur, architect, project manager
Inge Hareide – KIMA Arkitektur, civil engineer
Kristoffer Moe Bøksle – KIMA Arkitektur, civil engineer
Erik Engebretsen – KIMA Arkitektur, M.Arch.
Haukur Morthens – KIMA Arkitektur, architect
Erlend Seilskjær – KIMA Arkitektur, M.Arch.
Ragnhild Snustad – KIMA Arkitektur, M.Arch.
Nils Ole Branzæg – Atelier Oslo, architect and partner
Thomas Liu – Atelier Oslo, architect and partner
Marius Mowe – Atelier Oslo, architect and partner
Adriana Sanz – Atelier Oslo, architect
Bosheng Gan – Atelier Oslo, architect
Tone Selmer Olsen – Atelier Oslo, architect
Chiara Grifasi – Atelier Oslo, architect

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