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Disciplines: Packaging design, visual communication

Photo: Drytech AS

Real design

Real Turmat backpacking food is produced by Drytech AS, which was looking for a new packaging design in order to raise the profile of its products in retail outlets and reach more target groups, internationally as well as at home. To that end, a comprehensive strategic process was undertaken with the redesign of the company's identity, its communications platform, and the packaging for all of its brands and products.


Systematisering av identitet.
Photo: TANK
Photo: TANK
Sterk og klar. Real Turmat før og etter designprosess.
Photo: TANK
Photo: Tank

Panel remarks

This was going to be a difficult product to design due to the limited control over how the packaging looks when the product is vacuumed-packed: a process which makes the packaging crumple in an unpredictable manner. In addition, it was necessary to consider how easy it would be to open with cold wet fingers and to find in a backpack. The solution, bearing the product name across the width of the packet, ensures superb visibility on store shelves, and the different colour codes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner provide quick and useful information for the consumer. The picture of the meal finds its rightful place at the top of the packet.

We find that the designers have a very good understanding of the product's challenges and that they have solved them in a way that turns them into opportunities; (unpredictable package = opportunity for high visibility, different meals = opportunity for clear communication). The solution is simple, uncompromising, and attractive, and it is as good in function as in shape.

Project participants

Espen Eilertsen – TANK Design Tromsø AS
Thea Apeland Moen – TANK Design Tromsø AS
Monica Mathiassen – Drytech AS, client
Bjørn Viggo Ottem – TANK Design Tromsø AS, strategic development

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