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PROJECT NAME: Oslo Airport Learning Journey (Læringsreisen)



Discipline: Service design 

Illustration: EGGS design
Photo: EGGS design

Steep learning curve

On 27 April 2017 Oslo opened its new airport – one of the largest land-based construction projects in Norway. The project involved a doubling of surface area and capacity, a new railway station and luggage system, new check-in areas, an expanded service provision for travellers, and much more. It further entailed a massive training need in all parts of the organisation, and in this context a training programme was developed to prepare all 22,000 employees for the opening.

Illustration: EGGS design
Photo: EGGS Design
Photo: Thomas Ekström
Photo: Thomas Ekström

Panel remarks

Learning Journey succeeds in solving an extremely complex task: to create a unified training programme encompassing all 22,000 employees – from pilots to kiosk staff. This is a project that could have gone badly wrong had a silo mentality been adopted and a user perspective not properly incorporated into the process. But in this case they succeeded in applying lateral thinking and concentrated on making the best possible experience for the user, which is really the crucial success factor, no matter how nice the interface may be. The innovative way that service design was used across disciplines in this project is exemplary and an example of excellent craftsmanship. We are impressed with how easy and clear they have managed to make Learning Journey’s interface and progression, and we would also like to commend the project for how the visual element lifts the whole experience.

Project participants

Anne Beate Hovind – Avinor, training and communication project manager
Tonje Hesthagen – Avinor, project coordinator 
Nora Hoberg Prestaasen – Avinor, communications advisor 
Hilde Rønnemyr – Avinor, communications advisor
Lena Sendstad – EGGS Design, project manager and service designer
Anders Attramadal – EGGS Design, project manager and service designer
Trond Dagsland – EGGS Design, service designer
Annie Hjelmervik – EGGS Design, service designer
Åshild Herdlevær – EGGS Design, service designer
Nicholas Merrigan – EGGS Design, service designer
Carl Andre Nørstebø – EGGS Design, product designer
Ingvill Hoffart – EGGS Design, service designer
Berit Alvestad – EGGS Design, digital designer
Johan Eilertsen – EGGS Design, digital designer
Sebastian Bjune – EGGS Design, graphic designer
Synne Christiansen – EGGS Design, service designer
Ligia María Hernández Leombruno – EGGS Design, graphic designer
Sigrun Vik – EGGS Design, product designer
Bilal Chaudhry – EGGS Design, digital designer
Jan Walter Parr – EGGS Design, service design creative manager
Alexander Mikalsen Vanvik – EGGS Design, digital designer

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