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Photo: Eker Design

Save one – protect everyone!

During the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone, one of the Norwegian doctors was infected and had to be sent home to Norway for treatment. In the background of this incident, a medical team at Oslo University Hospital came up with the idea of ​​creating a safe and efficient means of transport that would protect the environment against transmission of infection while also allowing medical treatment during transport. The result is EpiShuttle, a transport and isolation system developed by EpiGuard and Eker Design in partnership with Oslo University Hospital, Inven2, and Hansen Protection.


Photo: Eker Design
Photo: Eker Design

Panel remarks

This product is good in so many ways. For a start, it solves a risky medical problem and will certainly help save lives and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. The product is a low-cost solution since it can be decontaminated after use and reused, which is a major advance on today's one-off solutions that must be discarded after use. Also, the experience is less terrifying for the patient as they are able to see more and communicate more effectively. That the design is also attractive supports the perception that this has been a well-integrated process in which everyone has worked in the same direction to create a product that meets very strict criteria.


Project participants

Fridtjof Heyerdahl – EpiGuard AS, programme manager / CEO
Victor Rosenvinge – Eker Design AS, product development manager
Robert Silesius – Eker Design AS, design
Jonas Berg – Eker Design AS, engineering and documentation
Raymond Hissingby – Eker Design AS, development and quality
Erik Skaarnæs – Eker Design AS, operation and supply manager

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