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Design and Architecture Norway

Commissioning party: Bertel O. Steen

Practitioner: EGGS Design

Skisse på startpakke

Photo: EGGS DEsign

Solution-oriented leasing

People do not buy cars the same way as in the past. The market trend is moving towards increased car sharing and long-term leasing and today’s car user has entirely different expectations and demands of a car. Bertel O. Steen wants to be a part of this evolution, which is why they developed Easly, an innovative leasing solution for private customers.

Mock-up på grafisk profil tatt ut på ulike elementer (telefon, penner, brevmaler, kaffekopper osv.)

Photo: EGGS Design

Panel remarks

This is a great example of how service design can and should be used to create a better customer experience. SDG and EGGS worked together with a brave and ambitious customer, one both willing and able to challenge its own industry. The result, Easly, is future-oriented and smart, not to mention well designed.

The visual profile is easy to relate to, with easy navigation and integration in different types of media. The process itself even had a 360° perspective from dealer training to ready-to-use information materials for the end user and the end service appears to be as innovative as it is simple - a clear improvement on current solutions. The fact that the process has contributed to internal organisational development by setting the standard for future innovation processes seems to us to be yet another argument in favour of service design in pretty much every type of creative process.

Project group

Jan Walter Parr, EGGS, Process Facilitator

Petter Utengen, Bertel O. Steen, Commercial Director

Lars Ruud, Bertel O. Steen, Marketing Manager

Morten Gundersen, Bertel O. Steen, Former head of Easly

Rui Martins, EGGS, Digital Lead

Henriette Marki, EGGS, Service Designer

Christian von Hanno, EGGS, Service Designer

Sanjin Filipovic, EGGS, Digital Designer

Thomas Nielsen, EGGS, Creative Technologist

Erland Glad Solstrand, EGGS, Creative Technologist

Espen Aaeng, EGGS, Digital Designer

Hans Martin Erlandsen, EGGS, Digital Designer

Simen Hanssen, McCann, Communications

Aslak Johansen, Cultivator, Dealer Training

Magnus Handeland, Knowit, Development

Frank Undheim, McCann, Communications

Camilla Raanaas, McCann, Communications

Thomas Ramskjell Larsen, SDG, Designer

Andreas Bjørkeng Sogn, SDG, Designer

Ida Louise Andersen, SDG, Designer

Therese Jacobsen, SDG, Buiness Designer

Eline Kristoffersen, SDG, Buiness Designer

Anne Marie Brady, SDG, Client Director