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PROJECT NAME: – input for the Norwegian Labour Party programme

NAME OF CLIENT: Arbeiderpartiet (the Norwegian Labour Party)


Disciplines: Visual communication, interaction design


Good suggestions gratefully received

When the Norwegian Labour Party was to develop a new party programme, they wanted suggestions, ideas, and experiences from ordinary people, not just politicians and experts. Netlife was invited to create a simple and user-friendly solution where people could submit, share, and vote on proposals for the party’s programme.



Panel remarks is a great example of how interaction design can be used to encourage people to participate in democratic processes. The solution has potentially high societal importance because it reduces the distance between politicians and the electorate and can serve as inspiration for other parties wishing to promote their policies and come into contact with the voters. The service is also very easy to use and visually appealing, and it guides the user through the process in a constructive and dialogue-oriented way, encouraging the user to reflect on their own position in the process of making suggestions. The project demonstrates excellent craftsmanship in terms of both the interaction design itself and how language can be used to create dialogue rather than to instruct.

Project participants 

Jørgen Blindheim – Netlife Research AS, design
Ida Aalen – Netlife Research AS (2016), interaction design

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