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Commissioning party: Laerdal Medical

Practitioner: Laerdal Medical

Applikasjon vist på nettbrett og smarttelefon

Photo: Phuong Helen Nguyen

A game of life and death

One in twenty will experience a situation that requires CPR skills at some point in life. In other words, a situation in which you either save - or don’t save - someone’s life. At that moment, there will be no time to Google. That is why everyone should complete a CPR Race from Lærdal.

Applikasjon vist på nettbrett.
Photo: Phuong Helen Nguyen
Applikasjon vist på nettbrett.
Photo: Phuong Helen Nguyen

Panel remarks

It’s a smart and insightful way to increase motivation to learn lifesaving techniques by introducing gamification in the link between an app and a dummy. CPR Race follows in the tracks of other solutions from Lærdal, featuring the smart use of design methodology to create products that contribute to meeting the company’s strategic goals by helping to ensure that 500,000 more lives can be saved yearly. 

In the process, they developed prototypes together with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and the American Heart Association (AHA). CPR Race has already become part of the standard equipment in the courses taught by the latter. This proves that this is a product with considerable economic potential, in addition to its lifesaving properties.

Project group

Phuong Helen Nguyen, Laerdal Medical, Designer

Eirik Skaar, Laerdal Medical, Product Manager

Ole Martin Dahl, Laerdal Medical, Team Manager

Frederik Hansen, Laerdal Medical, Design Manager