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NAME OF CLIENT: No Isolation


Disciplines: Industrial design, interaction design

Photo: Estera Kluczenko

You when you're not here

Chronically ill children and young people tell us that missing a normal everyday – talking and playing with friends, going to school and regularly meeting family – is one of the most difficult things they have to cope with. That's why we made AV1.

AV1 is a small robot which, in a way, works just like a representative. It can be controlled with an app and allows the child to communicate with others on several levels so that they can participate in play, the classroom, and events.


AV1 blir holdt av elev.
Photo: Estera Kluczenko
Photo: Estera Kluczenko
Photo: No Isolation

Panel remarks

The panel was initially of different minds about AV1 as it looked so scary, but gradually the little robot charmed us with its genuine presence. The product is interesting from several angles, not least because an on-screen presence is not enough for us humans, and they have really gone into some depth with this, showing respect for the task and a desire to understand. The result is a somewhat surprising product, but one in which the choices that have been made concerning e.g. shape are well borne out.

AV1 scores very highly on innovation, society, and economics criteria and unites form and function in a surprising way. The panel believes that AV1 could also have significant commercial potential, not just in Norway but internationally.


Project participants

Karen Dolva – No Isolation, interaction design
Matias Doyle – No Isolation, system developer
Marius Aabel – No Isolation, product developer
Jostein Robstad – No Isolation, industrial design
Vidar Pedersen – Snø Designstudio, CEO / industrial designer
Camilla Simonsen – Snø Designstudio, design manager
Stian Normann Andersen – Snø Designstudio, industrial designer
Almira Culén – University of Oslo, researcher
Jorunn Børsting – University of Oslo, researcher

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