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PROJECT NAME: Aftenposten Saturday

NAME OF CLIENT: Aftenposten AS


Discipline: Visual communication

Photo: Tor Stenersen

The weekend bundle

In April 2017 Aftenposten launched a separate publication in its printed Saturday edition to give subscribers an additional in-depth weekend supplement. Aftenposten Saturday brings together the best of the week’s journalistic features, news and cultural stories and is a collaborative project between the various editors.

Photo: Einar Aslaksen
Aftenposten Saturday Designmanual

Panel remarks

It’s great to see a newspaper house like Aftenposten challenging both itself and the industry with such a publication. Swimming against the tide by launching a paper product at a time when everything is disappearing into smart phone format is brave, and it is a testament to self-esteem and professional integrity, which we believe the newspaper will benefit from in the long run.
The panel comments thus on the supplement itself: the product scores highly on form and function, it is perceived as innovative, and it is at the forefront of its industry – both domestically and internationally. The craftsmanship is consistent and solid, and we would particularly like to draw attention to how the material has been organised for in-depth reading and to the use of illustrations and photos to keep the reader engaged.
The newspaper has created a unique magazine which we hope will enjoy a long and successful life among an increasing number of readers.

Project participants

Andreas Rød Skilhagen – Aftenposten AS, creative leader and designer
Lillian Vambheim – Aftenposten AS, features editor
Sara Sørheim – Aftenposten AS, cultural editor
Carl Gürgens, designer
Tone Gjørstad – Aftenposten AS, implementation of Newspilot templates
Kristoffer Nordvik – Aftenposten AS, news manager

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