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DOGA Award for Newcomers

The DOGA Award for Newcomers is an annual award by DOGA (Design and Architecture Norway). The award showcases new talent from across the fields of design and architecture.

The award aims to promote the value of young visionary minds when creating the best solutions for the future.

Apply now: 
Go straight to the entry form.

Please note: We do accept Enligsh entries, however the entry form is only available in Norwegian. Use your browser translation tool, and please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need any guidance.

Why should I enter?

Here are 10 good reasons why you should enter:

  • Present your project in front of Norway's leading design and architecture studios as part of the awards show in January 2021. You will be presenting in front of 400 people, on the same stage as the winners of the DOGA award for Design and Architecture.
  • Get professional training in presentation technique, so you will be confident on stage and get you message across. Free of charge, of course.
  • Have your work noticed by new clients or employees.
  • Receive a cash prize: Winners of the DOGA Award for Newcomers receive NOK 5 000,-. If you win the Honorary Award for Newcomers, you will receive NOK 20.000,-.
  • Get media coverage: We create a tailored media kit for you project. The kit will be sent to regional and local media, as well as trade media.
  • Be promoted by DOGA online, in social media and our newsletters. Each winning project is presented online with a dedicated page, like this one.
  • Free use of the DOGA Award logo to promote yourself and your project. 
  • Get a trophy to put on your shelf for everyone to see.
  • Receive feedback from the jury: Wether you win or not, you will receive a written summary from the jury.
  • Why not? The entry form is quick and easy to fill out. Start your entry now.
Barking up the right tree er vinner av DOGA-merket nykommer 2019.
Barking up the right tree by Bonitet Arkitektur received the DOGA Award for Newcomers i 2019.
Photo: Ida Wressel
Vi har en krise. Vinner av DOGA-merket nykommer 2019.
We have a crisis by Aurora Bratli Brunvoll was awarded in 2019.
Photo: Aurora Bratli Brunvoll

Who can enter?

  • Students or newly established designers and architects. You can enter if it has been five or less years since you completed your current degree.
  • Norwegian students studying abroad.
  • Norwegian professionals working abroad.
  • Internanational students in Norway.
  • International professionals working in Norway. 

You can enter with:

  • Projects that have not yet been materialised/come to life (but if they have, that's great too).
  • As many projects as you like (it's free of charge).
  • Solo or group projects, within or across disciplines.
Masterstudent i industriell design ved NTNU, Gunnar Eidsvik Tvedt, får DOGA-merket nykommer for vippestolen.
AHO graduates Elias Olderbakk and Erlend Grimeland received the DOGA Honorary Award in 2019 with their project Ruter gange.
Photo: Gunnar Eidsvik Tvedt
Masterstudent ved Kunsthøgksolen i Oslo, Ramona Salo Myrseth, får DOGA-merket nykommer for sin samiske kleskolleksjon.
Ramona Salo Myrseth explores a new definition of Sami through her project Den samiske halvtimen. The project received the DOGA Newcomer Award in 2019.
Photo: Alberto Palladino


The jury evaluates the quality of the projects' design / architecture, and its long and/or short term value for people, profit and the planet.

Please note that projects that apply in the newcomer category do not need to be realised. Projects in this category will be evaluated by its potential value, if they were to be realised.

Design criteria

  • Aesthetics
    How is the project experienced? The jury will be looking at the project's formal and aesthetic qualities associated with e.g. sense of space, harmony, use of materielas, detailing etc.
  • Function / context
    Does the project meet the need it was designed for? The jury will be looking for solutions that are functional, human-centered, and appropriate for the context in question.
  • Innovation
    Does the project add something new? The jury will be looking for new approaches and characteristics that distinguishes the project from existing solutions.

Value criteria

  • Social value
    Does the project have positive effects on society? The jury will be looking for solutions that are inclusive and contribute to improved quality of life.
  • Environmental value
    How does the project affect the environment? The jury will be looking for solutions that are responsibly produced, demonstrate clever use of resources and that do not harm the environment.
  • Economic value
    Is the project profitable? The jury will be looking for projects that contribute to economic value creation through eg. new business models and markets, circularity, savings, increased exports, etc.

Entry fee

It is free to enter the DOGA Award for Newcomers. You can enter with as many projects as you like.


Submit your entry before September 16 12:00 (noon).
Follow this link to the entry form.

Questions about this? Feel free to contact: