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Architecture Go Global

The aim is to meet the challenges of the profession with a tailored, export oriented programme for Norwegian architecture companies, and contribute to improving their turnover and competitiveness in international markets.


According to a recent survey, the total turnover of the architecture business in Norway was 7 billion NOK in 2014, but less than 1% of this turnover was related to export activities. Approx. ¾ of the companies had a turnover of less than 5 million NOK in 2014, and only five companies had a turnover of over 100 million NOK.

There is a strong and increasing interest in Nordic and Norwegian architecture. There is an international demand for the knowledge and competence of the Norwegian architectural profession, and Norwegian architects regularly appear in the international arena through exhibitions, international awards, in discussions and in professional development.

A-lab, The Carve in Barcode, Oslo.
Installasjon av tre med 5 hvitkledde damer i ulike positurer
Haugen/Zohar Architects, installation in tree.

The challenge

 Internationalisation is a challenge for many sectors. Even if globalisation and digitalisation makes access to some markets, customers and suppliers easier, exports are still only a modest part of the total turnover for Norwegian creative industries. The potential for export of Norwegian architecture is considerably higher than what is realised today.

The architecture business is growing, and has within it several very solid companies that are ready to take the step into the international market.

The project

As part of the government’s efforts to promote cultural and creative industries, Innovation Norway (IN) has been tasked with running an export programme for architecture, in collaboration with Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA) and the Norwegian Ministry of Culture. The total programme allocation is 10 million NOK.

Architecture Go Global offers the participating architecture companies capital and support to realise international commissions and thereby strengthen and develop their businesses. The programme will also offer a learning arena for the participants, as well as events that benefit the whole of the architecture community in Norway.

The participating architecture companies:

  • … offer an architectural service of considerable international potential.
  • … have a strategic plan to strengthen their competence and income through working internationally.
  • … have a strong interdisciplinary professional team.

Architecture Go Global is an aid for companies on the verge of international success. It is a time-limited programme, and offers one-time support. The programme will also give valuable insight into and experience of how the architecture business can contribute further to international growth and value creation in Norway.

Illustrasjon av et bygg med flere etasjer
Helen & Hard, Aspern, Vienna (in production).
Fugleskjul med en fotograf inni som tar bilde av fugler. Tettsted i bakgrunnen. Snø på bakken.
Biotope, Birdwatching Hut.

The programme was launched in the autumn of 2017 and runs until the end of 2018.Application was open to all architecture companies in Norway. The following seven companies were selected by an international expert panel to take part in Architecture Go Global:

These companies are currently involved in projects in the following countries and regions: 

  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Great Britain
  • Israel
  • Austria/Switzerland
  • France
  • Japan
  • Tanzania, East Africa
  • India
Reiulf Ramstad Architects, Norwegian Mountaineering Center.
Rodeo Architects, Harbour promenade.

Architecture Go Global project management:

Innovation Norway:

Margit Klingen Daams,


Tor Inge Hjemdal

Ingerid Helsing Almaas

You can find more information about Architecture Go Global here.

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