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Design and Architecture Norway


This year’s exhibition, Everything is Connected, shows some of the most exciting work currently being done by Norwegian arts & crafts specialists and furniture and interior designers today. The exhibition in Ventura Lambrate features both craft objects and design prototypes in furniture, textile, lighting, ceramics, metal and glass and is the result of a collaboration between Klubben, Norwegian Crafts, Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA) and paint manufacturer Jotun.


Andrea Muribø | Andreas Bergsaker | Anette Krogstad | Ann Kristin Einarsen | Barmen & Brekke | Bjørn Van Den Berg | Gilles & Cecilie Studio | Falke Svatun | Hallgeir Homstvedt og Runa Klock | Jenkins & Uhnger | Jonas Stokke | Kaja Dahl | Kari Mølstad | Kiyoshi Yamamoto | Live Berg Olsen | Marianne Andersen | Martin Høgh Olsen | Martin Solem | Moa Håkansson | Noidoi | Sara Polmar | Silje Nesdal | Stine Aas & Cecilia Zhang | Vera & Kyte

Ann Kristin Einarsen exhibits at Everything is Connected. Photo: Lasse Fløde/Powder
Stine Aas and Cecilia Zhang present their Bollard Carpet. Photo: Lasse Fløde/Powder

It’s all connected

Through the work of 30 of the country’s designers, Everything is Connected paints a creative portrait of Norway. The projects were selected by curator Katrin Greiling, an award-winning designer, interior architect and photographer based in Berlin. Through her selection of works, she aims to explore how the geography, educational institutions, access to materials and social structure of Norway affect Norwegian design language. 

“The exhibition Everything is Connected is aimed at exploring the unique position of the Nordic countries in the field of design. The 24 selected projects represent some of the leading examples of Norwegian arts & crafts and design and reflect the diversity of the creative workforce,” explains Katrin Greiling.

Jenkins og Uhngers Tangent står mot blå bakgrunn og en blå gardin.
Jenkins & Uhngers Tangent on display in Milan. Photo: Lasse Fløde/Powder
Photo: Lasse Fløde/Pudder

Exhibition design as a reflection of themes

The exhibition design by the Norwegian-Italian duo of Kråkvik & D'Orazio clearly reflects the title Everything is Connected.

“By using a mirror as part of the exhibition design, we aim to link the various objects, both to one another and to visitors. The goal is to evoke reflections and links between object, designer and visitor. We want to emphasise that, even though each object has its own unique identity, they are connected by a common visual thread of colours, materiality and design language,” says Alessandro D´Orazio.

We want to emphasise that, even though each object has its own unique identity, they are connected by a common visual thread of colours, materiality and design language.

Alessandro D´Orazio

The colour palette from Jotun is inspired by Norwegian nature. Illustration: Bielke & Yang

Coloured by Norwegian nature

Jotun designed a palette of three unique colour nuances for the exhibition. These colours are inspired by Norwegian nature and refer to glaciers, rivers and forests. The fashionable palette contains the colours 10981 Norwegian Wood: a new shade of brown with clear reddish tones, 4785 Blue River: a deep and elegant shade of blue and 5452 Nordic Breeze: a light greyish-blue colour with a subdued hue. Lisbeth Larsen, Global Colour Manager at Jotun, was responsible for developing the colours.

Through their collaboration in this project, Jotun Powder Coatings contributed by painting Sara W. Polmar’s prototypes for the exhibition:

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