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Design and Architecture Norway

NAME OF CLIENT: Northern Playground AS
PROJECT COMPLETED BY: Northern Playground AS
Disciplines: Fashion-and-textile design

Zipshorts™ Photo: Vegard Breie
Photo: Veagrd Breie

Easy to put on. Easy to take off

Zipwear is a functional base garment that allows you to control your temperature and moisture level and that is easy to change when you are on a hiking trip. The idea for Zipwear started with a sewing machine, a sewing course on YouTube, and a good product idea. Today, Zipwear is an entire collection for both men and women and has been well-received by the marketplace.

Zipbody™ Photo: Vegard Breie
Photo: Vegard Breie
Zipbra™ Photo: Vegard Breie
Photo: Vegard Breie

Panel remarks

Cool solution to a problem you didn’t know you had until you got it. The design itself is not groundbreaking – although the zipper is a cool detail – but the clever functionality of the garments makes them feel innovative and like "something new". That they have thought conceptually from the beginning and developed a whole series under their own brand name is smart, and we have no reason to doubt the positive feedback from testers and users. In our opinion, Zipwear has all the prerequisites for success in a tough market.

Project participants

Jo Egil Tobiassen – Northern Playground AS, "inventor", designer, and founder
Magnus Aasrum – Northern Playground AS, "inventor" and designer
Marte Høegh Skagen – MINT design, contracted designer
Karen Hetland – contracted designer
Anine-Olivia Granlund – freelancer and employee, designer
Robert Austnes – White Studios, contracted graphic design

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