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PROJECT NAME: Ulstein Marine Automation

NAME OF CLIENT: Ulstein Power & Control AS


Discipline: Interaction design

Photo: EGGS Design

No hidden dangers

Ulstein, known as one of Norway's major innovators in shipbuilding with its high-profile X-Bow ships, contacted EGGS Design to create the world's best user experience of IAS (Integrated Automation Systems) as part of its investment in ship automation and bridge systems. The task was simple: make sure everything is above board and visible when it comes to the boat's warning and control systems.

Photo: EGGS Design
Photo: EGGS Design

Panel remarks

Creating such an easy and intuitive system for something as complex as a modern supply ship is impressive. An enormous amount of information needs to be presented correctly by interactive and visual means, and errors can result in fatal consequences. Here, EGGS Design shows its strategic and design strength; for example, the alarm star that makes it possible to understand the ship's alarm situation through pattern recognition – an excellent solution. This is a world-class software product in its genre, purchased by a customer that repeatedly shows its determination and ability to use design to innovate and create new markets.

Project participants

Jonas Wenstrøm – Ulstein,  product owner, Ulstein X-Connect and Ulstein IAS
Development team – Ulstein Development
Espen Skjong – Ulstein, Team Leader
Arne Johan Helle – Ulstein, Project Engineer
Kai Verner Røsvik – Ulstein, Product Engineer
Arnestein Magnussen – Ulstein, Principal Development Engineer
Ronny Hamre – Ulstein, Senior Development Engineer
Mathias Hatlestad – Ulstein, Development Engineer*
Martin Maråk – Ulstein, Product Engineer
Audun Røine – Ulstein, Development Engineer
Roar Kjerstad – Ulstein, Product Coordinator and Product Owner, Bridge
Paal Holter – EGGS Design, Creative Director
Lise Tinmannsvik – EGGS Design, Designer
Kaja Kjølås – EGGS Design, Designer
Morten Knutsen – EGGS Design, Designer
Caterina Forno – EGGS Design, Designer
Svein Inge Bjørkhaug – Freelance Designer

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