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PROJECT NAME: Staaker1 self-flying camera

NAME OF CLIENT: The Staaker Company AS


Discipline: Industrial design

Falcon vision

Staaker1 is a drone which follows and films the user automatically and uses a tracker that is attached to the user’s arm. The development of Staaker1 is the result of a successful joining of design and high technology, and design-thinking has been applied at all stages of the process. Staaker1 was launched on 18 August 2017.


Illustration: Ole-Andreas Fagertun
Photo: Red Rabbits

Panel remarks

Staaker1 stands out amongst the multitude of drones by taking the extreme user seriously. The sturdy, waterproof control with large buttons can be attached to the arm, allowing for the necessary but limited control of the drone when used with mittens and gloves and while hurtling down the side of steep mountainsides. With the drone's ability to predict where you are going and follow you there accurately, this is a useful and fun tool for pro and hobby photographers alike. The drone and remote control form a solidly designed and well-functioning duo. The Staaker1 team proves that Norwegian innovation can find its place even in a market with huge international competition. This is a team and product we believe in!

Project participants

Ole Jørgen Seeland – The Staaker Company AS, CEO and co-founder
Sigurd Gran Jansen – The Staaker Company AS, co-founder and UX design concept
Morten Olsen Lysgaard – The Staaker Company AS, CTO
Ole-Andreas Fagertun – The Staaker Company AS, industrial design, mechanical design, and design strategy
Johan Jansen – The Staaker Company AS, software
Anders Eie – The Staaker Company AS, software
Halvor Johannes Langhoff – The Staaker Company AS, mechanical design, concept development, and marketing
Benjamin Skonseng – The Staaker Company AS, mechanical design
Tor-Anders Lunder – The Staaker Company AS, electronic design
Erlend Hestnes – The Staaker Company AS, electronic design
Eivind Sæter – Inventas, concept development and design
Martin Gudem Ringdalen – Inventas, mechanical components
Endre Evensen – The Staaker Company AS, testing and modifications

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