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Disciplines: Industrial design, interior architecture

Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

A destination in itself

Seasight, built by Brødrene Aa AS, is a new type of sightseeing vessel that redefines this whole category within the Norwegian fjord landscape. The electric motor makes for a silent experience, and the innovative universal design makes the fjords and mountains accessible to everyone. Within a short space of time, Seasight has become much more than just a great way to experience the Norwegian fjords – in fact it has become a destination in itself. 

Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik
Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik
Photo: Emil Rasmussen

Panel remarks

The panel was unanimously enthusiastic about this project. This is quite simply a great innovation within the category that breaks from the expected and improves upon it. The panel is impressed by the whole thought process – from how universal design is used as a design concept to the use of slow speed to avoid creating waves that wash sand away from the beaches along the fjord. The fact that it’s electric and therefore releases no greenhouse gases is also a big plus and distinguishes it from other vessels that either tear along throwing up sea spray or chug away under dark clouds of diesel fumes. The first Seasight is already in operation and one more is on its way, but we certainly see the potential for Seasight across the whole world. Hurray!

Project participants

Tor Øyvind – Brødrene Aa, managing director
Rolf André Sandvik – The Fjords, managing director
Torstein Bergheim Aa – Brødrene Aa, designer
Bjarne Rygg – Brødrene Aa, construction manager
Anstein Aa – Brødrene Aa, technical manager
Øyvind Alvern – Mancraft, design of propulsion equipment
Asbjørn Røyrvik – The Fjords, project manager
Kjetil Lote – Brødrene Aa, project manager

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