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PROJECT NAME: Oslo City Bike

NAME OF CLIENT: Urban Infrastructure Partner

PROJECT COMPLETED BY: Heydays, Tight, Zeros & Ones

Disciplines: Visual communication, service design

Skjerm for Oslo bysykkel.
Bike rack. Photo: Åsmund Holien Mo
Photo: Fotografens navn

Urban development on two wheels

Urban Infrastructure Partner took over Oslo’s city cycling scheme when the old one needed an update due to bicycle wear and tear and declining interest. As such, an important task of the commission would be to make the offer more visible and accessible in the cityscape, not just physically in terms of bikes and racks, but also perceptually. 

App Oslo Bysykkel.
Oslo City Bike App. Photo: Heydays
Photo: Heydays
Utvalg av kommunikasjonsflater.
Range of communication platforms. Photo:
Photo: Heydays

Panel remarks

Everything comes together here. From the playful and friendly visual identity accomplished through smart interactive design to the seamless service design – which includes the ability to check the status of your bike and unlock it with your mobile phone – Oslo City Bike is experienced as a well-integrated, unusual product that really demonstrates what can be achieved with good, multidisciplinary collaboration. It's dynamic, accessible, and fun and perhaps most importantly in this context: Oslo City Bikes works. 

Oslo City Bikes scores highly on all of the criteria: environment, society, economy, form, function, and innovation, and it only remains for us to take our hats off and congratulate Urban Infrastructure Partner, Heydays, Tight, and Zero & Ones for an exceptionally successful project. As they themselves write in their application, this is about more than just a bike or a pleasing visual profile: this is urban development on two wheels. 

Project participants

Stein Henrik Haugen – Heydays, designer
Lars Kjelsnes – Heydays, designer
Mathias Hovet – Heydays, designer
Johan Høgåsen-Hallesby – UIP, product development
Gjermund Rein Gustavsen – Tight, designer
Anders Svendal – Tight, developer
Hans Petter Eide – Zeros & Ones, developer


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