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PROJECT NAME: Nifty Feeding Cup

NAME OF CLIENT: Laerdal Global Health

PROJECT COMPLETED BY: Laerdal Global Health/PATH, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and University of Washington

Discipline: Industrial design

Photo: Laerdal Global Health

Everybody gets some

The Nifty Feeding Cup is a reusable silicone cup designed to feed breast milk to newborns who have difficulties with breastfeeding. The cup is easy to use, easy to clean, costs one US dollar, and lets the baby control the volume and speed of feeding. The Nifty Feeding Cup was specially designed for low-resource countries which have high infant mortality rates, often due to low birth weight.


Photo: Laerdal Global Health
Photo: Laerdal Global Health

Panel remarks

This is a small product with a great performance. Laerdal Global Health once again demonstrates its ability to use design to solve problems while operating within strict frameworks in terms of economics and applications. In this case we can see that the actual target group is not a healthcare organisation or nurse but the most vulnerable among us – newborn babies – and the product has been made according to their needs. To that end, it not only has excellent technical properties, but also feels "cosy", being made of soft silicone, and simulates a nursing situation that is more intimate than a bottle. The Nifty Feeding Cup ticks important boxes in terms of good industrial design: it solves a concrete problem, is easy to use, is attractive, and is cheap to produce.


Project participants

Cansu Akarsu – Laerdal Global Health, industrial designer
Siddhartha Joshi – Laerdal Global Health, industrial designer
Rashmi Aradhya – Laerdal Global Health, implementation specialist
Christy McKinney – University of Washington (US), clinical advisor
Michael L. Cunningham – Seattle Children’s Hospital (US), clinical advisor
Patricia Coffey – PATH (US), clinical advisor
Andy Beddoe – PATH (US), industrial designer
Steve Brooke – PATH (US), commercialization advisor
Kjell Ove Korneliussen – Laerdal Global Health, product developer
Pushkar Ingale – Laerdal Global Health, industrial designer
Sonakshi – Laerdal Global Health, industrial designer
Tor Inge Garvik – Laerdal Global Health, product development manager
Carolyn Purrington – Laerdal Global Health, project manager
Frode Liland – Laerdal Global Health, project manager

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