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PROJECT NAME: Blueye Pioneer underwater drone

NAME OF CLIENT: Blueye Robotics AS


Disciplines: Industrial design, interaction design

Photo: Martin Rechsteiner

Your eyes under water

Blueye has its origins in NTNU's underwater robotics community and is an underwater drone with camera designed for consumers and entry-level professional use. It can dive down to 150 metres and makes easy work of observing and sharing underwater experiences with others via a smartphone app. EGGS Design has been involved from the start, in both strategic and operational capacities, with responsibility for creating a good, comprehensive user experience and identity.


Illustration: EGGS
Photo: EGGS
Photo: Jonas Follesø

Panel remarks

Blueye is an impressive and innovative product with an unusual design that breaks from the trend of the fluorescent, industrial-like appearance of underwater vehicles and drones. The design is undoubtedly functional, but it has its own look reminiscent of a fish with a more upright and bright design, which makes the product easily visible in murky water. Like most drones, Blueye’s market is for both professional and ordinary curious users. This is a product that opens up a wealth of applications ranging from the inspection of ships and underwater installations to underwater safaris. It's almost impossible to look at it without wanting one of your own, and our prediction is that Blueye will get the attention it deserves when it is launched in retail stores.

Project participants

Inventas, mechanical construction
Norwegian Creations, electronics development

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