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PROJECT NAME: Bareksten Spirits

NAME OF CLIENT: Oss Craft Distillery

PROJECT COMPLETED BY: KIND (Kind Conceptual Branding AS)

Disciplines: Visual communication, packaging design

Photo: KIND

Black spirits

Stig Bareksten is one of the world's foremost distillers of spirits and has won a number of awards for his products. He is chief distiller and developer at the Bergen-based micro distillery Oss Craft Distillery, founded in 2015. In 2016 he launched the product line Bareksten Botanical Spirits, comprising gin, blueberry liqueur, aquavit, and vodka.

Photo: KIND
Photo: KIND

Panel remarks

The packaging clearly stands out in its category and gives the Bareksten Spirits series a distinct identity, which does more than just hint at the universe of Norwegian black metal. The four different types – gin, vodka, aquavit, and blueberry liqueur – have all been given their distinct identities with the use of different trees, but the series comes together nicely in a unified expression that is innovative within its category.

The products are primarily intended for the international market, and the panel credit Bareksten for not falling prey to the usual cliché of depicting fjords and mountains when describing the products’ Norwegian origins. On the contrary, the bewitching design and the story of the distiller as a form of alchemist are both exciting and credible.


Project participants

Tom Emil Olsen – KIND, creative director
Knut Harald Longva – KIND, design director
Carl Bugge, KIND – senior designer
Agnieszka Gawlik – KIND, graphic designer
Christoffer Meyer – KIND, photographer
Lee Meredith – KIND, content director
Emil Olsen – KIND, junior designer
Torje Moen Holm – KIND, graphic designer
Beate Myren – KIND, project manager
Christian Helseth – KIND, consultant
Stig Bareksten – Oss Craft Distillery, project management
Morten Dahle – Oss Craft Distillery, project management
Hans Petter Eikeland – Oss Craft Distillery, project management
Johannes Blomgren – KIND, senior designer

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