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Urban development in Norway

Pådriv – The network that co-creates across sectors

Pådriv ("Front Runner" in English) is an open network initiative that works actively to create sustainable development in Hovinbyen, an area of large-scale city development in Oslo. In this context, sustainable development is considered to be inclusive, green and profitable. The network is open to people and businesses from all sectors and industries.

160 change makers, all Oslo residents, and 42 organisations have come together to increase the speed and quality of a sustainable urban transformation in Hovinbyen, which comprises of 100 000 new residents and 30-40 000 new jobs being created. By arranging and facilitating collaboratively oriented workshops with key players from public organisations, private business, academia and local interest groups or businesses; new partnerships form, and projects take shape, ranging from storm-water management, mobility, biodiversity and urban production.

Innovative collaboration

One of the projects Pådriv has played an active and significant role in is Vollebekk Fabrikker, which is built around a concept that repurposes empty buildings to stimulate sustainable urban development by offering low rent and accessible space for start-ups that are operating as social entrepreneurs and or within the emerging circular economy.

The project is part of a city development project, where large parts of the area will be transformed into a “greener” district, promoting the environment, social values ​​and economic prosperity.

Vollebekk Fabrikker is the result of an innovative collaboration across public, private and voluntary networks. Vollebekk's factories' partners are local municipality Bjerke, housing organisation OBOS, property developer Aspelin Ramm and Pådriv.

Nærbilde av en hånd som henger opp en knall rosa lapp. På lappen er det en strektegning av et menneske og ordet users.
Folketråkk (Citizen’s Tracks) – participation in urban planning.
Photo: Aaron Burden/Unsplash

Folketråkk (Citizen’s Tracks) – participation in urban planning

The goal of Folketråk (Citizen's Tracks in English) is to generate greater insight into the needs, experiences and preferences of any local population through local participation processes. In turn, this will provide local authorities, developers, politicians and other relevant parties with a more comprehensive knowledge base that can lead to better and more relevant development of our cities and densely populated areas.

Citizens’ views and wishes

In essence, Folketråkk is a bottom-up, and therefore, democratic initiative led and coordinated by Design and Architecture Norway. It is an open ‘living’ database of information related to citizens’ views and wishes connected with city development projects that can be applied at the different stages of planning and design. Two municipalities, Drammen and Flesland, have been working with Folketråkk in the form of a pilot since the autumn of 2017 and have been positive to its effect in their city planning processes.

Through various phases, they have contributed to the development of the project, with the launch of the first module, a digital participation guide, to be launched in the early autumn of 2019

The future of local democracy in urban development

Both projects illustrate the realisation of a greater level of democracy at grass root level in our towns and cities while at the same time working together with larger institutions and organisations. Digital technology platforms offer opportunities to this, whereas the real work is done by people connecting and making things happen. Both Pådriv and Folketråkk go a long way to facilitate this process.




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