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This is Reprogramming the City

Laksevåg in Bergen

During the course of the Bergen Design Festival 2017, DOGA collaborated with Design Region Bergen, The Department of Design at The University of Bergen and The City of Bergen on a project in the form of a workshop with the local inhabitants of Laksevåg, led by Scott Burnham, the initiator behind the Reprogramming the City methodology.

Through involvement of local citizens, artistic and experimental approaches to urban development were employed. Every single student from the Department of Design worked intensely with the local residents of Laksevåg to gather user insight, develop ideas, produce prototypes and test them. The goal was to – using simple, practical approaches – create attractive and inclusive urban spaces.

– Reprogramming the City can be an inspiration and supply new ideas and methods for the development of urban areas. Linda Nordgreen, coordinator of Area Development of Indre Laksevåg in Bergen Municipality, thinks including citizens in the creative process helps to develop a sense of ownership and feeling of being part of the local community, as well as providing new solutions.

The results of the workshop will be realized in public spaces during 2018.

Read more about the project here (in Norwegian only). 

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