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The Danish Design Centre has initiated the project ‘Nordic Design Resource’ in collaboration with sister organisations in the Nordic countries; Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA)Design Forum FinlandIceland Design Centre and Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID), with the aim of mapping and creating a full overview of the design resource in the Nordic countries.

The partner organisations share a common challenge; too little is known about the design resource, that is the professionals who constitute the supply of the design field. The existing information on the design professionals is based largely on qualitative data - case studies and interviews - and on inadequate and non-representative data deriving from occupational statistics or the designers’ trade or membership organisations.

Consequently, the partner organisations lack a representative and comprehensive overview of the supply of design competencies in the Nordic countries, and there is thus a need for a mapping which on the basis of a new definition of the design resource provides a more accurate overview of the people who have design competencies and/or work with design today.

The deliverable of this project includes:

  • a data collection strategy
  • execution of data collection
  • analysis of the collected data
  • a visualisation (tool) presenting the data. The ambition with regards to visualisation is to make the new knowledge about the design resource accessible and transparent for the design users across the Nordic countries.

The deadline for submission of tender proposal is July 3 at 13.00.

Submissions, questions and other inquiries can be addressed to Project Assistant Christine Stahl via css@ddc.dk.

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