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About the event

To reach our sustainability goals we must rethink, experiment and innovate. How can architecture become more climate friendly, make cities for people and at the same time contribute financially? The use of wood in the city is now possible in a different way than before. We can build multistory buildings in wood, fire and acoustics are taken care of, the qualities of wood constructions open up for a wide range of new possibilities.

6:00 / Welcome
Tor Inge Hjemdal – director, Design and Architecture Norway

6:05 / From small wooden huts to city building – The Nordic Way
Aasmund Bunkholt, CEO of Trefokus Norway

6:15 / Organic wood architecture - bringing nature to the city
Siv Helene Stangeland – Founding partner at Helen & Hard Architects

6:45 / Forest to Frame- the Future of Tall Wood in North America
Thomas Robinson - Founding partner at Lever Architecture

7:15 / Wood – make – sense
Tine Hegli – Senior architect at Snøhetta Architects

7:45 / Debate and questions