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Most of our time’s big challenges have no solutions yet – so we’re doomed to innovate. Whether businesses of any size, governments, research organizations, authorities or cities: innovation is crucial. Everyone is talking about it, many are setting up programs, but only a few are successful. Let’s take a close look into how to innovate for urban challenges.

Our physical surroundings are essential for increased value creation and innovation. How we shape our cities and places, how infrastructure plays an important role and how you program the city is important. When talking about innovation within this scope, we at DOGA have focused on three principles, namely; connecting, sharing and learning/knowledge.

For the session Innovation: currency of the 21st century, chaired by our CEO Tor Inge Hjemdal, we have chosen “connecting” as the common thread for the session. Our four speakers have all advocated this in different ways, both horizontally and vertically, and either physically, conceptionally, on a concrete level or as a process.    


Speakers in order of appearance:

Derek Cheng – Head of Asia-Pacific at Airbus Urban Air Mobility

Marthe Scharning Lund – Vice Mayor for Business Development and Public Ownership at the City of Oslo

Thomas Berman – CEO at SoCentral

Tiina Kähö – Executive Director at Helsinki Metropolitan Smart & Clean Foundation

Session Chair: Tor Inge Hjemdal, CEO Design and architecture Norway DOGA

All four speakers will give a short presentation immediately followed by a dialogue between one or more of the speakers after their respective presentations. We round off the session with a low key debate towards the end, with both some prepared questions and audience questions.

The event will be in Norwegian and a conference ticket is required.

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