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Prepare for a Circular Future

The future can be unpredictable, complex and downright weird. Future Thinking takes use of megatrends – complex aggregations of emerging trends – that help us make sense of the world and take action. Megatrends are developed by the well renown Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies with focus on risks and opportunities for the coming decade.

Imagine a world without waste, where products are designed to be used again and again, spending a minimum of energy. A world where services are shaped to regenerate waste and new ways of delivering value. This is possible with Circular Thinking. By improving on today's business models this method gives concise and immediate benefits. 

This seminar aims to give you an introduction to methods to help you put into practice Future Thinking and Circular Thinking. During the workshop, we will use a business example within the field of ocean industry; we aim to apply the methods to identify opportunities, spot risk and come up with pioneering circular ideas. The seminar is suitable for decision makers and anyone with strategic responsibilities, across industries.

DOGA, Pure, BiomimicryNorway and EGGS Design welcome you to this event to kick-start Circular Futures in your business.

The event will be in English. We will have LIVE streaming from 09.00 - 10.00. 


8:30 Doors open coffee and a bite to eat 

9:00 Welcome by DOGA

9:05 Business opportunities from Circular Thinking by Kia Klavenes
Kia is Senior Advisor and Partner at Pure Consulting. She will be giving an introduction to Circular Thinking and how it opens up new opportunities for companies. Kia has extensive experience in working with reputable brands, Norwegian ministries, municipalities and contractors as a counsellor for sustainability. Kia is often lecturing on topics such as sustainable business development, social entrepreneurship, and social innovation, and is a co-author of the book "The Worldguide to Sustainable Enterprise," released in 2015. Kia is a certified Circulab consultant.  

9:25 Business opportunities from Future Thinking by Paal Holter
Paal Holter is Creative Leader and Co-founder at EGGS Design. He will be presenting a few examples of how Future Thinking has been used with clients like Kongsberg Maritime. Paal has extensive experience making businesses thrive with innovative solutions. He is an ambassador for holistic design, and has valuable influence in everything from high tech industries to public services. Paal is also a popular storyteller who has been featured on local and international stages on topics related to design, innovation, future thinking and culture. 

09:45 Circular Futures. What happens when we combine these two approaches?
Reflections and discussion.

10:00 Workshop: From theory to action. 

Please note registration to the workshop is mandatory and the price per participant is 950 NOK ex. MVA.

10:05 Intro to a Future Thinking business case by EGGS Design and AKVA Group
EGGS Design and AKVA Group will give a short introduction to Future Thinking in action. AKVA Group is a leading technology and service partner to the aquaculture industry worldwide. They will be presenting some of their challenges and how Future Thinking is helping them. This will serve as the starting point for the Circulab workshop.

10:15 Intro to the Circulab method by Michel Wolfstirn
Circulab is an approach based on the Business Model Canvas developed to help organizations grasp the economic, social and environmental opportunities of the circular economy. This great tool and game will help you to generate innovative ideas bridging the gap towards sustainability.

Michel Wolfstirn is the co-founder of BiomimicryNorway and a consultant in sustainable innovation. He is using circular economy and biomimicry (innovation inspired by nature) as frameworks and tools for innovation. Michel is also teaching Sustainable Design Approaches to Product Designers at HiOA and is a certified Circulab consultant.  

10:30 Circulab workshop by BiomimicryNorway and Pure Consulting
Taking the business case previously shown by EGGS Design, you will be playing the Circulab game in groups. Each group will be assigned a future scenario and use it to generate new ideas both at the product and business model levels. The participants will then share the core ideas resulting from the game and we will round up with a discussion around the experience provided by the workshop.

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