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This project is the story of tackling a common affliction today which brought two migrant girls from Iran to each other. They shared their backgrounds, hopes, pains and skills together, forming the project which was not only a master diploma, but a real life concern for them both.

It is focusing on the context of Transition, such as asylum reception centers where it is important for refugees and asylum seekers to consider integration measures. The project is following the concept of Co-designing Actions and Facilitating Discussions In Transition Which intends to learn through changing the system by its own footprint and actions. It aims to create a different state of mind within the context and influence of the social system with participatory approaches as a fundamental element of dignified reception. By capacity building and raising self-awareness, the project is meant to bring collaborations among different relevant stakeholders in this field as well as motivating the asylum seekers to recall their competences and wishes towards self-efficacy, which affects every area of human endeavor by determining the beliefs a person holds regarding his or her power to affect situations.

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