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Design has contributed to a variety of changes in health services in Norway, Denmark and Sweden over the past decade. We believe the time is right to take advantage of the full potential of design, not only in individual small-scale pilot projects, but by utilizing design expertise in major strategic changes in the healthcare system.

At this workshop we will explore how design can shape the future of health and care. We will also look at what has already been done at the intersection of health and design, including through products, services and systems, to highlight strategic directions for the future.

We are asking how design can contribute to the development of the health system in Scandinavia to better support patients’ and residents’ health? We will explore some changes we are facing, such as:

• How to go from fragmented to seamless services?
• How can we strengthen patients contribution to care?
• How might we enable local service, where patients live their lives?
• What is the role digitalization in the health services?
• How can we change the system, not just each service?
• How can we create future-ready healthcare services?

The program will include inspiration on participatory initiatives run by Experio Lab in Sweden, experiences working with future scenarios for health from the Danish Design Center, and some selected experiences from Norwegian innovation projects.

The moderator is Josina Vink, Associate Professor at AHO. Josina Vink is a research leader at the Center for Future Health C3 and has practical experience designing healthcare and major change projects in various international contexts, including the Mayo Clinic in the United States.


The insights from this working session will be gathered in a bold, yet actionable manifesto to support the design of the Scandinavian health care system over the next decade. We also want to establish a professional network that can strengthen the design of health services in Scandinavia.

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