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As populations and citizens' needs increase, the space, finances and natural resources available to meet these needs are decreasing. But at the same time, the city holds a vast amount of unrealized potential to enhance the quality of life for its inhabitants. Its structures, surfaces and systems have the ability to perform alternate functions and take on entirely new roles.

Reprogramming is a way of thinking – a mindset with which to meet the challenges our future cities are facing, creating new opportunities for existing assets.

Through Nordic examples and cases, the exhibition Reprogramming the City at DOGA shows how innovative thinking can transform existing structures and physical assets to provide even more services to the public than they were originally designed to do. In addition, it presents tools for how the Public sector, in collaboration with trade and commerce, can use reprogramming as a method for innovative and sustainable urban design and development.

Here you can find more information about the project Reprogramming the City.



It was great to visit your excellent exhibit, Reprogramming the City. Many thanks for organizing a thoughtful and timely collection.