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This year's Forward Thinking

With the Forward Thinking conference, we want to inspire more companies to embark on a strategic journey, alone and with others. Design helps set the direction in a holistic perspective leading to better products, services, systems and business models. We are moving towards a circular future and this day will take you on a sustainability round trip. 

There are many companies today delivering on the challenges of the future. However, there is still a need for more knowledge and increased collaboration to come one important step further. We will help you stock up with inspiration and tools for an important journey.

More about this year's lectures and lecturers.

Program overview

  • The More and the Better, the Faster and the BIGGER
    Gunter Pauli, Founder 'Blue Economy', serial entrepreneur, author, 'The Steve Jobs of Sustainability’.
  • Greater than A
    Jens Petter Ring, CEO, Panorama Design and co-owner of Greater than A, and Kjersti Kviseth, Life Cycler, 2025 Design.
  • Nature and Culture – Change with Joy
    Nils Faarlund, Master of Science, legendary eco-philosopher, mountain guide and founder of Norges Høgfjellsskole
    More: «The Norwegian Eco Mountain» (Suston Magazine).
  • Digging deep into the supply chain
    Nicholas Allen, Traceability Manager, Patagonia
  • Future Material World
    Rebecca Johansson, R&D Manager, Helly Hansen
    Luisa Book, Sustainability Manager Norway & Iceland, H&M
  • We've Been Green Before Green Was Cool
    Carl Reinestam, Head of Marketing, Naturkompaniet
  • The Great Outdoors – A Wicked Opportunity
    Simen Knudsen, Business Architect, Æra Strategic Innovation
  • How Do You Do?
    Alan AtKisson, CEO, AtKisson Group og co-founder of
    More: / 
    Kristin Støren Wigum, Industrial Designer (PhD), Gaia Trondheim
  • A Lifelong Relationship
    Nora J. Helliksen, Head of Marketing,  Helsport & Chief Digital Officer, Swix Sport, and Per Henning Grimsrud, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Swix Sport
    More: /
  • Safe Adventures in a Sustainable Destination
    Haaken Christensen, Senior Advisor on Adventure Tourism, Innovation Norway
  • Forward Talking
    Dialogue with speakers and participants

No one will protect what they don´t care about. And no one will care about what they never have experienced.

Sir David Attenborough

Welcome to Forward Thinking: Sustainability – a round trip, a unique seminar specifically aimed at the sports and outdoor industry, adventure tourism, business in general, eco-organizations and designers. 

DOGA will contribute to a sustainable society through future-oriented design, architecture and urban development, and we will be a key contributor to the necessary green change. We are an arena for inspiration, dialogue and debate.

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    Senior Advisor Design
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