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Government organisations work through the Stimulation Programme to test out new ways to work on and increase innovative strength. The programme was established by the Direktoratet for forvaltning og IKT (Difi) (Agency for Public Management and eGovernment) on behalf of the Kommunal- og moderniseringsdepartementet (Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation) in 2016. This two-year pilot programme runs until the end of 2017. 

“The public sector needs to be more user-oriented, with measures based on the user situation. This will lead to better services.”

Jan Tore Sanner

Minister of Local Government and Modernisation

Eight projects launched

The Programme has paid out ten million NOK to eight projects already launched. All of the projects are aimed at developing more user-friendly and integral services and solving various types of challenges. Many of them address complicated problems - also called wicked issues - that frequently involve several public parties and several administrative levels. The projects are chosen based on the criteria of user needs, societal benefit, profit potential and leadership empowerment.

Read more about the eight projects here.

Making the most of the supplier market

To provide solutions and ensure that they are implemented, the Stimulation Programme has signed a framework agreement with ten consortia of suppliers. Together they offer the right competence in service design, payoff and change management, i.e. a ‘competency triangle’.

Another goal of the programme is to encourage suppliers to gain new experiences and knowledge. This helps open up a larger market for the suppliers in the public sector. 

Sharing experiences and knowledge

One of the goals is for the entire public sector to benefit from the experiences of the Stimulation Programme as a whole and the results of the user-driven service development in the individual projects. Every project will document its results when the projects are all completed at the end of 2017.

Difi and DOGA plan to share the knowledge and experiences gained as they become available through online articles, social media, seminars, conferences and other arenas.

You can hear more, for example, about one of the projects, Bedre luftkvalitetsdata (Better air quality data) at Difi’s digitisation conference on 9 June. 

Collaboration between Difi and DOGA

The Stimulation Programme also contributes to new ways of working for Difi and DOGA, as both are part of the government’s policy implementation system. When Difi was assigned to the programme in early 2016, it was clear that there was a considerable need for a genuine interdisciplinary approach to both the design of the pilot programme itself and to identifying and supporting projects. Difi established a partnership with DOGA due to its design expertise and experience from innovation projects in the public sector. Taking advantage of our resources in multiple directions enables us to identify synergies and achieve better results.

The members of the team working on the programme have expert knowledge of administration, law, acquisition, design and innovation and the team has functioned as an innovation team in practice. The programme was developed based on design thinking and features a practical, close-knit and unbureaucratic collaboration with a focus on learning through work and experimentation, i.e. trial and error. 

The team’s role is to support the businesses in understanding their innovation potential, embedding the process and getting management to commit. The team has also contributed to describing needs and announcements that make it possible for the supplier market to offer its services.

You can read more about the partnership on Difi’s website under Samfunnsflokene løser vi kun i fellesskap! (Societal challenges can only be solved through working together!)

Read more about the Stimulation Programme on Difi’s website.  

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