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Design and Architecture Norway

DOGA Award for Design and Architecture


The quality of the jury work is decisive and aims to ensure a broad evaluation of all professional disciplines. For this reason, we feel very strongly about transparency and openness when it comes to granting the DOGA Award, the goal of which is to describe how the disciplines create value. Both a professional and multidisciplinary discussion should be facilitated in this work.

The jury is composed based on the professional disciplines represented in the project. In addition, every jury must include a representative from the business community or public sector.

Jury mandate

The jury mandate is to evaluate projects in which design and/or architecture is the driving force behind innovative results with such professional qualities as form and function, as well as the effect in a societal, environmental and economic sense.

Among recipients of the DOGA Award, the jury also nominates projects that demonstrate a high degree of innovation in the areas of society, economy and/or the environment to receive the DOGA Honorary Award. 

Jury member selection

More than 40 professionals are engaged by Design and Architecture Norway to jury the DOGA Award for Design and Architecture.

In the process of selecting jury members, DOGA requests input from professional organisations. The jury members must be leading in their field and have experience in both the public and private sectors.

Jurying process

The DOGA Award is determined based on digital application submissions. Only the information in the application is evaluated. The application form and corresponding links and images form the basis for the jury evaluation.

The jury does not visit projects or test physical models or products. 

Impartiality rules

Jury members who do not qualify for the evaluation due to impartiality issues are replaced by a substitute.

Jury members are considered ineligible if they have:

  • participated in the project.
  • worked on related projects.
  • participated in the project in some way.
  • been a commissioning party of the project.
  • been a supplier of the project and/or
  • are closely related to or part of the organisation or company. 

DOGA replaces jury members on a regular basis. Jury members can serve on the jury for a maximum of three years and two years as jury foreman.