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Design and Architecture Norway

Commissioning party: Sundtkvartalet AS (Skanska and Entra), OBOS, Anton B Nilsen Eiendom and the Municipality of Oslo

Practitioner: Skanska Norge AS and Rodeo Architects

Bilde av Elgsletta bro og området rundt fra luften.

Photo: Rodeo arkitekter

Bridge builders

The story of Elgsletta Bridge is a story about a unique partnership between enthusiasts in the business community, politics and public agencies. These partners worked together with a sense of purpose and commitment in what can easily be called a DIY-design‑thinking process and succeeded in garnishing attention for this project. The result may very well have positive ripple effects in two burdened urban districts.

Illustrasjonsbilde av hvordan Elgsletta bro er om kvelden, med lys i rekkverket.
Photo: Rodeo arkitekter
Illustrasjonsbilde av Elgsletta bro sett fra gangveien. Viser hvordan broen ser ut om kvelden, med opplyst rekkverk.
Photo: Rodeo arkitekter

Panel remarks

It is quite astonishing to think that Elgsletta Bridge has actually been regulated for development since 1991, since this area has been a festering sore for every city council since Nordengen was in charge. The fact that someone actually stepped up and made sure that the bridge was built did not come a day too soon and is a very welcome development. Now that we can see the result, we also see how Elgsletta Bridge can serve as a catalyst for urban development, with cafés and activities on both sides of the river. It is a fantastic area that should absolutely be enjoyed by all. 

The panel engaged in a discussion as to what exactly the Elgsletta Bridge is. Obviously, it is a bridge, but it is also reflects what can be accomplished when various groups join forces. With its poetic and lighting concept that provides a sense of safety, it creates a long-awaited connection between two areas of the city that many were reluctant to visit in the past. Rodeo Architects, Skanska, Entra, ÅF and Heiberg & Tveter, not to mention committed politicians and obliging government agencies, are well deserving of praise for not giving up, but progressing all the way to the finish line.

Project group

Anne Gjesdal Bjørndal, Rodeo Architects, Architect/Project Manager

Ivar Lyngner, Rodeo Architects, Architect

Kenneth Dahlgren, Rodeo Architects, Sociologist

Åsmund Tøsse, Skanska Norge, Constructor

Tom Dønåsen, Skanska Norge, Production Manager

Jørn Bråteng, ÅF Advansia, Construction Foreman

Petter Heiberg, Heiberg & Tveter AS, Electrical Engineering Consultant

Eline Rølles Friis, Skanska Norge, Project Manager at Skanska

Erlend Nordviken, Skanska Norge, Construction Engineering Consultant

Geir Graff-Kallevåg, Entra ASA, Project Manager at Entra

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