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DOGA Award recipients 2017

PROJECT NAME: MamaBirthie – birthing simulator and skills trainer

NAME OF CLIENT: Laerdal Global Health

PROJECT COMPLETED BY: Laerdal Global Health

Discipline: Industrial design

MamaBirthie - Ghosted
Photo: Laerdal Global Health
: Laerdal Global Health

All birthing mums need a safe and reliable midwife

In many countries there is a lack of good support and care surrounding childbirth, something which can result in unnecessary injury or death. Professional support involving the right action at the right time can often mean the difference between life and death for mother and child. MamaBirthie is a simulator designed to give a good understanding of what is normal in childbirth and the complications that can arise. The solution makes it possible to practise simple measures that can ensure a safe birth.


Photo: Laerdal Global Health
Photo: Laerdal Global Health

Panel remarks

Laerdal Global Health impresses on a yearly basis with its innovative and smart solutions which help mothers and children survive in countries with poor health systems. They have not disappointed this year either. Specialising in this field requires you to work a little harder on insight and be a bit smarter with costs and a bit better with design – it’s almost a kind of extreme sport for designers. MamaBirthie is one more example of Laerdal Global Health's expertise in this field and is a great project having a significant social impact, and it is something which has the potential to save many children and mothers worldwide.


Project participants

Cansu Akarsu – Laerdal Global Health, industrial designer
Ole Terje Østrem – Laerdal Global Health, industrial designer
Tor Magne Skorstad – Laerdal Global Health, project manager
Olav Storli Turtum – Laerdal Global Health, mechanical engineering
Jens Petter Ianke – Laerdal Global Health, product designer
Kjell Ove Korneliussen – Laerdal Medical, product developer
Alemnesh Reta – Laerdal Global Health, implementation specialist
Karoline Myklebust Linde – Laerdal Global Health, managing director
Tor Inge Garvik – Laerdal Global Health, product development manager
Sonakshi – Laerdal Global Health, industrial designer
Trond Atle Huth – Laerdal Global Health, mechanical engineering
Monica Öhman – Öhman Design, textile designer
Frode Liland – Laerdal Global Health, project manager
Mario Tian – Laerdal Medical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, mechanical engineering
Candy Tian – Laerdal Medical (Suzhou) Co. Ltd, textile consultant

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