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DOGA Award recipients 2017


NAME OF CLIENT: Loadsmart Inc.


Disciplines: Interaction design, visual communication

Driver's app
Driver's app. Foto: EGGS Design
: EGGS Design

Innovation for the country's heroes

New York-based Loadsmart had a good idea: they wanted to connect suppliers and freight drivers without having to go through an intermediary or central agency a kind of Uber for the truck industry. EGGS carried out everything from service design and UX to visual profiling and brand-building communication,helping Loadsmart to achieve Most Innovative Tech Company in the 2017 Stevie Awards.

Loadsmart digital ecosystem. Illustrasjon: EGGS Design
Brand design
Loadsmart brand design 1. Illustrasjon: EGGS Design

Panel remarks

This solution has many positive aspects, not least in terms of the environment. By optimising truck logistics, it becomes possible to distribute freight more efficiently, while at the same time minimising the problem of empty trucks that pollute unnecessarily. This is a good example of how good interaction design can renew and streamline previously inefficient processes and act as a positive force for change. The interface is simple and intuitive, thorough, and solid and can also point to very good results in terms of both economy and efficiency.

Project participants

Ricardo Salgado – Loadsmart, CEO and Project Owner
Felipe Capella – Loadmart, Chief Product Officer
The entire Loadsmart team
Victor Stelmasuk – EGGS Design, Lead UX and Service Designer
Paal Holter – EGGS Design, Project Grandad
Caterina Forno – EGGS Design, Designer
Sandro Pimentel – EGGS Design, Lead Brand Designer
Anna Jacobi – EGGS Design, UX Designer
Pedro Gonzales – EGGS Design, Brand Designer

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