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Design and Architecture Norway

DOGA Award recipients 2017

PROJECT NAME: Håhammaren Bridge and hiking trail

NAME OF CLIENT: Stavanger Municipality, Parks and Road

PROJECT COMPLETED BY: Multiconsult ASA, Sweco Norge AS, and Lyse AS

Discipline: Landscape architecture


Hiking trail. Photo: Jo Gaute Fornes

Out on the water, up in the mountains

Due to challenging terrain conditions, the stretch past Håhammaren had long been a missing link in the continuous hiking trail along the Stavanger part of Hafrsfjord. The aim of the project was to complete the hiking trail and at the same time create a landmark and gathering place for hikers and locals. A further goal of the project was to preserve the current landscape and terrain conditions along Hafrsfjord as far as possible.


Håhammeren bridge seen from above. Photo: Jo Gaute Fornes
Lighting of the bridge. Photo: Jo Gaute Fornes

Panel remarks

First of all, we would like to say that this has been very well accomplished. The everyday landscape has been taken seriously and efforts have concentrated on emphasising it rather than trying to beautify it. For one thing, saws have been used to remove rocks rather than dynamite, which results in a completely different perception of the 900-million-year-old stone. The elegant bridge that takes you over the fjord should also be highlighted; so too the way the light has been used to emphasise the landscape. This is a very successful cultivation of a beautiful landscape, and it demonstrates a good understanding of the distinctive character of the place and a determination to reject the path of least resistance.


Project participants

Karen Hatleskog Zeiner – Multiconsult ASA, architect / bridge design
Siggeir Torpe – Multiconsult ASA, landscape architect manager
Maja Milovanovic – Multiconsult ASA, landscape architect
Jo Gaute Fornes – Multiconsult ASA, construction
Ib Mikkelsen – Sweco Norge AS, construction manager
Ingjerd Bratterud – Stavanger Municipality, project manager
Bjørg Helene S. Skaanes – Stavanger Municipality, project manager
Over Fergestad – Multiconsult ASA, geotechnics
Silje Wiik Rese – Multiconsult ASA, rock engineering
Tolleiv Ree – Multiconsult ASA, road planning
Jan Magne Forseth – Lyse AS, project lighting

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